The Gun Amnesty is now over, but if you wish to turn in your unwanted firearms, please contact the non-emergency line of your local police department.

BC Gun Amnesty Nets 1184 Unwanted Firearms

British Columbians turned in 1184 firearms during the 2016 BC Gun Amnesty from October 1-31.

In addition to 1184 firearms and replicas, British Columbians voluntarily relinquished a variety of related items, including holsters, non-firearms weapons, limited explosives, and several thousand rounds of miscellaneous ammunition.

By far, the majority of firearms collected were rifles, shotguns and handguns. Of the total 1184 firearms collected, there were 543 rifles, 223 shotguns and 222 handguns. Throughout the month, there were 690 requests for police to collect firearms, weapons or ammunition from households in BC.

The BC Gun Amnesty is endorsed by the BC Association of Chiefs of Police, supported by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, and lead by BC RCMP. The Amnesty gave people a safe way to dispose of any unwanted firearm regardless of classification, ammunition and weapons that had not been used in a criminal offence, without facing weapons-related Criminal Code charges.

Gun Amnesty Poster - Unwanted Guns? Who's Picking Up Yours? BC Gun Amnesty October 1-31, 2016, Call your local police for pickup

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